Pipe Bridge Erection for Expansion Project

The Power and Utility Building for an Expansion Project – located in Cabuyao, Laguna – has finally linked the existing building to the new Power and Utility Building last Sunday, August 16, 2020. Construction for the expansion started January 2020 under Hybrid Power Corp. as the Design and Build General Contractor.

In photo: Pipe Bridge connecting the existing building to the new Power and Utility Building.

The Pipe Bridge weighs 18 tons and a length of 35.14 meters. It is built to join both buildings and function together for busducts, chilled water, compressed air, and wires. Assembly was done on the ground along with the support truss, internal column, and stiffener column.

Erection of the bridge was split into two parts, the First Span and Second Span. The First Span was lifted with the help of a 350-tonner crane. It is about 24 meters long and is between the support truss and the internal column. The Second Span is then lifted between the internal column and the stiffener column to fully connect the two buildings.

In photo: The Second Span of the Pipe Bridge being raised to be welded and bolted to the new building.

Awarded to Hybrid Power Corp. in November 2019, the Power and Utility Building will provide energy to support the client’s production expansion.

More photos here:

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